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        The company has a network of R&D, production and trade. It owns several brands like PBX, AMV, JIANLONG and so on. We mainly produce JIANLONG telephone series (SPC telephone exchange and platform telephone) and telephone peripheral accessories, computer peripheral accessories, network peripheral accessories, IT products, phone wires, cables and series including Cat’5e, Cat’6, Cat7, RJ45, RJ11, RG58 and RG59.JIANLONG is founded in 1998. The company has the certifications of ISO9001 Quality Assured Firm, RoHS, CE and so on.
        We have abundant technical personnel and management team. The technicians are enthusiastic about innovation and the development of telecommunication technology. JIANLONGs, who are in line with the spirit of solidarity, pragmatism, continuous innovation, customer foremost and long-term development will improve themselves and try their best to share scientific achievements and solutions with terminal sellers continuously.